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If registering as a business with 5 employees or less, you agree to Lucratunity owning 10% of business your entity. 10% of receipts will be paid to Lucratunity. (note: this is only for small failing or failed start ups since it would probably cost us more than the monthly registration fee to get your business back on its feet. We will get our investment back when you succeed)
Lucratunity uses a third party payment provider, Stripe, to handle all credit card information and payments. Stripe is an industry standard PCI-approved payment provider, which means that your credit card information is as safe as can be. All credit card data is sent directly to Stripe over HTTPS which means the data is encrypted, and that Lucratunity never actually sees your credit card number.
The reason why we can offer outsourced services at cheaper prices is because we offer them at whole sale prices to our members rather than an individual making a single purchase. Basically like an exclusive club of entrepreneurs starting businesses together.
Business plans are good as a fund-raising tool and for understanding how your business is put together. While our business ventures will help you step by step to start your business sort of like a "to do list".