Current businesses you can invest in

You can invest in many ways, buy shares, become partner and even make commissions from referrals leading to sales. Just contact us for more info.


Sip It Clean

Sip It Clean is a Sarasota, FL based B2B drinking hygiene company focusing on a healthier future.

M&R Cars

Offering an excellent selection of late model, good mileage used cars, used trucks, used vans and used SUV's at remarkable prices. CARS

Social media start up

Lucratunity is proud to have started working on a new social media app that will seriously rival competitors in the social media world today.



Based in Israel, Shotel is a promising Shoe company start up






Fusion Longboards

Fusion Longboards is a Sarasota, FL based longboard company focusing on classic pintail longboards infused with sacred geometry elements.


hintze media

Specialized in arial footage using drones. This start up has allot of potential in a new and growing market.

Therapeutic Weighted Belt

The Miracle Beltâ„¢ is a pediatric weighted therapy belt which has been proven to promote self-calming, balance, and increased body awareness by enhancing proprioceptive feedback. Within minutes of wearing the Miracle Beltâ„¢ your child will feel more grounded, focused, and secure!

Investors from all around the world can invest in your company.
We advertise your company to potential investors giving you the support you need to grow your company to the next level.

Members that have started their own company with us get their own box with a short summary of their company, contact info and links to their website and other social media links, making it easy for investors to get a detailed overview of the company before they invest.

Invest page

If you want to be a sales rep or investor for one of our listed business just hit the invest button to get started.
Example: you want to buy 1000 pieces at whole sale price as an investment so you will be able to sell them for a profit.
Listed businesses will make enough profit from the amount rather than individual unit sold.
And they also get the product out there which is the best form of advertising.