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  • Our business ventures are set up in stages, sort of like a “to do” list. The larger and more complex the venture the more stages there are.

  • We are committed to assist members at every stage. Our Venture Chart is designed in a way that members with any capital can start their business.


Members choose ventures within their budget with the intent to advance from smaller to larger ventures creating a ladder for members to climb from business to business.

The venture chart lists the business category, a short description, resources required, budget needed, potential revenue, and permitted ventures per month.

The Path

Members gain access to all services and discounts to get their business up and running. If you already have a business and are interested in multiple services we offer then we recommend you try our membership.

Every member can choose one of our business plans or come to us with one of their own ideas for us to create a custom plan.
Members get to choose one of our business ventures or we can custom create a plan for one of your ideas.

Our business plans are set up in easy to do stages so that starting your business will be a breeze. Great for entrepreneurs just starting out in the business world.

We will market and introduce your business to potential investors increasing your revenue allowing you to expand and succeed as an entrepreneur in the business world.

Networking for other companies in our network

Not only will you be able to earn with our networking program but you can benefit from promoting products of other companies as well making commissions on sales.